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Quality, patience, investment, and hard work—these are the four principles that Loewen Wood Windows® was founded on and that are strongly believed in today.

Loewen Wood Windows® was founded in 1905 by C.T. Loewen in Manitoba, Canada. Successive generations have been committed to quality and respect, just as their forefathers were. This commitment is seen today in their dedication to preserve the environment, recycle wood waste, and support reforestation programs.

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In their 581,000-square-foot facility, residential and light commercial window and door systems are constructed. The production design, thermal performance, and structural integrity are so outstanding that Loewen Wood Windows® stands alone in its commitment to manufacturing quality. This has made it the preferred choice for wood windows and doors.

Loewen's industry-leading, nonprorated warranty is its way of standing behind the quality of their product; it will also give you peace of mind for years to come.

There are more than 1,000 authorized Loewen dealers across Canada, the United States, and around the globe.

Authorized distributor of Loewen Wood Windows®.

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